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Robert Celestino-John Dapolito-Dominik Tiefenthaler-Andrew Lyman-Clark-Mom
  "Michael is an extraordinarily gifted character actor, the kind we hold up in today's artistic-culture as "Gods of the craft". He brings to mind, Sean Penn, Cate Blanchett, Russell Crowe, and Meryl Streep - and yet he is uniquely his own expression. His organic presence quickly embodies the life and the psychology of another human being to story perfection. More importantly, he is a professional who is able to take direction quickly and effectively while maintaining the high standard he holds for himself. But what I find so totally engrossing about Michael's work is his ability to bring a great deal of vulnerability to the men he portrays. I can feel the audience moving into him, riveted, breathless, as he dares to 'go there'."
John Dapolito, Playwright/Director/Founder & CEO of Actors! Where are You Going